The Ashley Ambulance Service was formed in August 1973 by members of the community in cooperation with city officials. The service covers approximately 900 square miles of McIntosh County in South Central North Dakota. Ashley Ambulance is located eight miles from the South Dakota border and therefore provides 911 coverage to Long Lake, SD and intercept services for Eureka, SD. Dispatch is provided through ND State Radio via the state paging system. Self dispatching is also available for transfers and non-emergency messages through a phone patch system. The Ashley Ambulance has been a private service since its inception and recently obtained its status as a non-profit corporation from the state of North Dakota.

Ashley Ambulance has eight members that work for the Ashley Medical Center, two of whom are dedicated to EMS operations and management. When not on a run, these two provide services for the hospital by working in multiple areas such as cardiac and trauma code teams, respiratory therapy, and cardio/pulmonary rehabilitation.

The Ashley Ambulance is a very progressive service, always looking into the future to provide the best possible training and patient care. We would like to express our thanks to the community and the great group of volunteers that donate their time and energy, allowing us to provide much needed emergency care in our rural area.